Digimon Masters turns one, players celebrate

Digimon Masters, the online MMO-RPG based on the Japanese Anime series of the same name, celebrates the one year anniversary of its global launch. Joymax, the developers of the game, says that players should be on the lookout for “all kinds” of celebratory events and content in the coming weeks.

Right now, Joymax wants us to know that Digimon Masters will launch 8 events and contests and have even revealed what a couple of those will be. So far, we know that players will have the chance to win a special Digi-Egg or gather birthday cakes to celebrate. Additionally, players will have take place in a “Speed Event”, where they will have a 30% increase in speed.

“It’s always a special moment when one of our games hits its anniversary,” said Nam-Chul Kim, CEO of Joymax,  “It reminds us of how we started off and how the game has lasted this long through the love and interest from our players.”


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  • wolfkin

    I used to love Digimon. I stopped for a very common reason. I missed the movie. I stopped watching Rugrats for the same reason as well. One day I’ll get caught up.

    • http://www.nizulo.com/nizulofam/nizulo/ Rich Bloomfield

      Likewise. However, I stopped because they stopped airing it on ‘Cheese TV’. Man that show brings back memories.

    • http://www.nizulo.com Justin Zombie

      Haha, I actually went back about a year ago and watched the old Pokemon and Digimon shows to try to get caught up. Needless to say, it didn’t happen. ;)