For a botched Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix says sorry


Maybe SE should have let Final Fantasy VII RIP?

The PC launch for Final Fantasy VII has been a bit of a disaster. After arriving on PC last week, the game has fallen victim to a number of activation problems and missing keys. To top it all off, It’s not even available here in Australia and New Zealand (Thank God), and people have complained that the “improved” graphics are barely even that. Not to mention, the sound issues, and the languid achievements.

But all is well, as Square Enix is sorry. Doesn’t really make you feel any better does it?

“We have identified an issue that is affecting a small number of people from activating or playing their copy of Final Fantasy VII,” reads a post on the official Square Enix blog. “Resolving this issue is our top priority and we apologise [for] the inconvenience that this has caused. We’ll update you when the issue is resolved and if there is any action that you need to take.”

Get this, Square Enix also claims that they weren’t able to send out keys to customers due to, “very strong traffic.” But once again, all is well for they’ve apologized about this too.

It seems that Square Enix are sorry for taking FF fans’ money in exchange for a shittier version of a great game from 1997. Silly if you think that some its paying customers are still waiting on them to deliver the game. Is this just another money grab, what’s your thoughts?

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  • Kaitality

    Square Enix needs to quit extending FF XIII, try to revive FF VII and deliver us a FF VII remake (like the tech demo tease at E3 2005) or Versus XIII. I feel like they are just wasting time putting out all these sub-par games just to tide us over one more year.

    • http://www.nizulo.com/nizulofam/nizulo/ Rich Bloomfield

      Agreed. I was really looking forward to versus and then ‘disappointment’ set in. Theyve really dropped the ball in this regard, and the only reason it bothers me so much is because they’re better than this.

  • Phantoms_Heart
    • http://www.nizulo.com/nizulofam/nizulo/ Rich Bloomfield

      Haha this video cracked me up!

  • wolfkin

    It seems that Square Enix are sorry for taking FF fans’ money in exchange for a shittier version of a great game from 1997.

    I think that’s unfair. Far as I know this is the only version of FFVII that you can get on PC. Although I’d apparently be wrong. Still that was 1998. Are the sounds issues and the graphics issues really that “not improved” compared to the 1998 release?

    • http://www.nizulo.com/nizulofam/nizulo/ Rich Bloomfield

      I think it’s spot-on. In 1997, this was a great game and still is. However, this 2012 remake is pathetic. I expected they would’ve put more effort into it and given loyal fans what they deserve, a HD overhaul. But they didn’t. Honestly, if you check out the graphics, it looks like they just copied the original PC disk and slapped some achievements over the top of it. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what they did. Even the achievements wreak of laziness, such achievements like “Fight a battle” and “Use Braver”. Square Enix are better than this and their fans deserve better than this so I don’t blame them for being pissed off, and trust me, they are.

  • D3m0n1k

    ive given up on Final Fantasy, after being an avid fan of 3-9 and somewhat enjoyed 10, with the introduction of 10-2 i just said screw it and stopped playing… they’re gettin to conveluded in my opinion

    • http://www.nizulo.com/nizulofam/nizulo/ Rich Bloomfield

      Thanks for the comment. So you haven’t played XIII, was going to ask if you enjoyed it or not?

    • http://www.nizulo.com Justin Zombie

      Agreed, after 9 the FF series has gotten more sub par as the series grows. Maybe they’ll come back and surprise us later on… maybe.