Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance could still be coming to PC


Since before Platinum Games took over the reigns and gave it a cheesy name, a PC version of Metal Gear Rising has always been a possibility. With no firm stand on whether a PC port is happening or not, it seems that this keep-em-guessing type attitude is exactly the type of approach Platinum Games and Kojima Productions are taking before introducing a third platform, if at all.

“Right now, honestly, we are doing our best to complete at the same time the PlayStation 3 version and the Xbox 360 version,” Kojima Productions creative producer Yuji Korekado said to Eurogamer. “For the PC version, we will contemplate making it or not once we reach this goal of completing the PS3 and 360 versions.” Korekado also added that, should a PC version ever happen, it would launch after the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions release in stores on February 19, 2013.

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  • Phantoms_Heart

    I don’t think PC gamers will miss MGS Revengeance. MGS has always been a console game and if PC gamers are MGS fans they’ll probably get it on consoles the minute it is out. Although, PC versions of multiplatform games with proper Hi-Res textures and such are always nice. See Max Payne 3 and Sleeping Dogs for example.

    • D3m0n1k

      Do you think its going to be the same as other MGS games or if they’re changing it to go with the curb?

      • http://www.nizulo.com Justin Zombie

        Ideally they will optimize it for a PC experience, but unfortunately there isn’t word just yet. Just keep an eye on the Latest News and if we find out, we’ll write up an article for it. :)

    • http://www.nizulo.com/nizulofam/nizulo/ Rich Bloomfield

      Hell yes! Although a PC version is unlikely, I agree, if they made one it would look amazing!