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[UPDATE] WANNA DOUBLE YOUR WINNINGS? For those of you that refer 5 or more people that enter the draw, you become eligible to win any two of the following prizes (including two of the same). Once your friends enter, send us an email to admin@nizulo.com with their email addresses so we can confirm their subscription. Good luck!

What’s up NizuloFam! Welcome to yet another Nizulo giveaway where you can score yourself a couple of cool prizes. All you have to do is subscribe to our RSS feed by entering your email above. In doing so, not only will you receive the latest gaming news and Nizulo blog posts direct to your email, but you enter yourself into the running to win one of the following prizes:

- 1600 Microsoft Points
- $20 PlayStation Network Card
- A pair of FPS Freeks
- 3 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership
-$20 iTunes Gift Card

One more thing, participants must also tweet the following:

||GIVEAWAY|| Check out @Nizulo‘s giveaway where u can #win 1600 MPs/$20 PSN Card just by subscribing to their RSS feed! http://wp.me/p2FZxO-1mm

Contestants must confirm their subscription via email to ensure their entry is included into the draw.

The winner will be drawn at the end of the September and depending on numbers, more prizes may be added to the prize list for the winner to pick out of. As such, I’d highly recommend you bookmarking this page. Good luck!

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  • Xpixgxzgxloxu

    still pulling for PSN

  • swipe_

    anything Xbox related would be amazing!

    • http://www.nizulo.com/nizulofam/nizulo/ Rich Bloomfield

      Awesome. Well definitely keep that in mind.

  • t0n4x

    still pulling for XBOX

    • http://www.nizulo.com/nizulofam/nizulo/ Rich Bloomfield

      Awesome! Refer 5 or more friends and if you win, you’re prizes are doubled :)

  • Jarrel

    Yeah!! Hope to win the $20 Playstation Network Card!

    • http://www.nizulo.com/nizulofam/nizulo/ Rich Bloomfield

      We’re drawing it now. Good luck!

  • Spike

    Who won? I’ve been kind of off the grid the past few weeks.

    • http://www.nizulo.com/nizulofam/nizulo/ Rich Bloomfield

      We all need that from time to time :) Personally, I find it relaxing. Any who, it was FallOut567 who took out the giveaway.

      On a side note, we’d love for you to check out our new forums and give us your feedback. Here it is: http://www.nizulo.com/nizulofam

      • Spike

        Well, congrats to FallOut567, I guess? Never saw him/her around here.

        • http://www.nizulo.com/nizulofam/nizulo/ Rich Bloomfield

          That was their email address. In total, we had 29 subscribers and the winner was drawn at random.

          • Xpixgxzgxloxu

            wow..interesting…congrats to Fallout567 I suppose.