Fifa 13: The Good and The Bad


Fifa 13 is arguably the greatest sports game of 2012, but what are the things to look out for? Below I’ll tackle both the pros and cons of EA’s soccer title, giving those who’ve yet to play the game the chance to gauge it for themselves. Okay, so I may go into a rant at points, so what?

GOOD: New career mode features, including the ability to manage a national team, as well as submitting a Counter Offer (when selling or buying a player in career mode), allowing players to make more suitable offers that’d better suit their budget. Please note, this may also fall into the bad category, as prosperous teams may accept counter offers that are unbelievable, say 65 million. In other words, don’t make a counter offer unless you’re ready to farewell/buy that particular player. Also, the Youth Academy players are better in comparison to the previous installment, increasing your chances of finding hidden gems in there, as it was nearly impossible to find a great youth player in Fifa 12.

BAD: Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT) is just too easy! To give you a personal example, I beat someone in Div 5 with the starter team and then, with the same team, defeated someone with a an all gold team. It’s ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong FUT is fun and all, but if you want a real challenge PLAY SEASONS.

EA Sports: it's in the Game

“EA Sports, it’s in the game.”

GOOD: Tactical free kicks allow you to score better free kicks by allowing you to pass, or flick up the ball to a teammate, or just take a shot. And the wall is a bit more cheeky as they can move forward without the referee knowing to make the shot at goal even harder which is a nice feature.

BAD: Goalkeepers are still as stupid as ever. When are they going to fix ‘em? I mean, they’re just stupid. One minute they can make a save that is incredible, the next they can’t even save the easiest of balls that float to them.

See he could catch that!!

“See, he could catch that”

GOOD: Improvements to Player Impact Engine. It’s still not perfect but it improves. Some of Fifa 12‘s impact engine glitches were so funny you could cry. Now, those glitches still happen but are rare, so you can save the odd one now and then. But they have added pushing and pulling, meaning that your players can fall to the ground and win fouls which is handy if you put a pace abuser on the ball; he can make a run and hopefully win a penalty.

Bad: Referees. Refs just aren’t consistent. At times, they can call the millimeters you’re offside by, but on other occasions, when you’re offside by 10 yards or so, the ref won’t call it. Is it too much to ask for some consistency?

These guys are a pain in the Bum.

“These guys can be a pain in the bum”.

So whats your verdict. Do you agree or disagree?

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