Retro and Modern game collecting

Game collecting is a very dear hobby of mine. I began collecting somewhere around June of last year. So far I have amassed almost 50-60 games which is rather small but I have a very tight budget right now. Hopefully in the future I can expand my collection and buy some of the games that I have been wanting for ages. I know that there are plenty of people who want to get into game collecting and just don’t know were to start. First of all you want to decide if you want to collect modern games or retro games.

Retro Collecting:


There are numerous consoles with vast libraries to play and collect for. For starter’s I would recommend something from last gen. Like the PS2, XBOX or Gamecube. But I understand you can’t really call that retro. 16-bit machines are great to start with too. You got the two heavyweights, the Super Nintendo and the Sega Megadrive or Genesis if you’re from the US. Then their is the TurboGrafx-16 or PC-Engine as it’s called in Japan. I would personally stray away from it for now. It’s a bit more on the expensive side and harder to find. The SNES and Genesis were very popular back in their heyday so that makes the consoles themselves and the games easier to find. I’ll be going in depth on these two consoles in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned.

Modern Collecting:


With modern collecting you get the chance to guess what games will become rare and valuable in the future. In this era of gaming their won’t be as many rarities because nowadays gaming is more mainstream and more copies are made. With that said, the best chance to get rarities this gen is to check the handheld market as they aren’t as popular as they were back then. The Nintendo Wii does have a few rarities like the Metroid trilogy and others. The nice thing about modern collecting is that games are easy to find complete. By complete I mean, box, manual and disc. Their isn’t much to say about modern collecting, it’s pretty straight forward.

Next time I’ll be posting an in-depth look on the Sega Megadrive.

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