Grand Theft Auto Movie Not Likely Anytime Soon

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Rockstar may never consider turning Grand Theft Auto into a movie as not to risk one of the company’s “crown jewels.”

Rockstar Games Co-founder and Vice President of Creativity Dan Houser spoke with the Guardian about how GTA may never be turned into a movie because no one has offered the amount of money that’s enough to make a company risk one of its “crown jewels,” as he said.

“We’ve been offered, many times, and it’s never appealed,” said Houser. “The money’s never been close to be worth risking one’s crown jewels. Our small dabblings with Hollywood have always left us running back to games. The freedom we have to do what we want creatively is of enormous value.”

He also explained how it’s hard to turn a 100-hour long gaming experience, varying from robbing a bank to taking yoga classes, into a 2-hour movie, and that it’s much easier to turn GTA into a TV series. However, he noted that it will still be a challenge that the company isn’t willing to take; risking the originality of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

The game also allows more freedom in creating content and it’s an easier way in delivering messages as he said:

“We love games and we think we’ve got something to say in games, and that games have plenty to say. So shouldn’t we just continue doing that?”


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