Sonic Adventure Retro Review

In this week’s retro review, we’ll be seeing how Sega tackled their first full on 3D adventure starring none other… FULL STORY HERE

Jelly Boy Review (SNES)

Not many people have played, let alone know of this 1995 SNES platform game, and it’s not because it isn’t… FULL STORY HERE

Lego Racers (PC) Retro Review

Lego games are a dime a dozen these days. From Lego Star Wars to Lego Harry potter, they’ve done it… FULL STORY HERE

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Metal Slug 3 (PS2) Retro Review

Metal Slug, a series best known for it’s frantic gameplay and challenging difficulty. SNK’s third outing in the franchise, Metal… FULL STORY HERE

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Sonic The Hedgehog (GEN) Retro Review

The Game that got the Genesis on it’s feet.The Sonic the Hedgehog series has been running since 1991 when… FULL STORY HERE

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Crash Team Racing [PS1] Retro Review

Official Concept Art by Naughty Dog.Crash Team Racing is a very enjoyable and colourful kart racing game developed by… FULL STORY HERE

Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition (PC) Retro review

Duke back in his glory days.It’s time to go back to Duke’s glory days. As you may know, Duke’s… FULL STORY HERE

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Altered Beast (GEN) Retro Review

Altered Beast might be a Sega classic but it sadly falls short when it comes to gameplay. Altered Beast was… FULL STORY HERE

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Killzone (PS2) Retro Review

Box art for the European version. Killzone is your typical Sci-fi FPS series, nowadays the 2nd and 3rd game in… FULL STORY HERE

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